The Problem

New Jersey is at a crossroad.  Our elected officials must address the negative impact that regional competition for gaming dollars is having on New Jersey's horse racing and casino industries. Racinos in Delaware, New York and Pennsylvania are taking entertainment and tourism dollars away from New Jersey casinos and New Jersey racing.

Expanded gaming in these states threaten one of New Jersey premier agribusinesses.  Horse racing and breeding in New Jersey represents 7000 jobs , $110 million in state, federal, and local taxes, and some 57,000 acres of working agricultural landscape, not including the sport and pleasure breeds. Many other states including Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio already understand how important it is that racinos support agricultural as well as their state's budgets.

The Solution

New Jersey needs slot machines or video lottery terminals (VLTs) at the Meadowlands to compete with New York and Pennsylvania.  New Jersey needs that revenue to provide budget relief for our residents and for continued preservation of productive agriculture.  New Jersey casinos need to be able to compete with the surrounding states on a more level playing field.

What can you do?

Contact your legislator.

Action #1

Search for your legislator at
Write, email and or call

Tell your legislator that you want slots machines installed at the Meadowlands to help save farms and open space in New Jersey. Tell your legislator that you want New gaming and tourism dollars to stay here in the Garden State to provide jobs and budget relief in New Jersey. (sample letter is below)

Action #2

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Remember, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease"  Be polite but be persistent.


For more information about this important issue:

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Dear Legislator,

The time is now for placing video lottery terminals (VLTs) or slot machines at the Meadowlands racetrack. New Jersey has lost 31% of its wagering dollar over the past five years and projections show that his percentage will increase dramatically over the next decade as more racinos, slot parlors and casino resorts open in New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

The Meadowlands racetrack is the ideal location for a racino. Millions of potential customers are located within minutes from there. It has the infrastructure and transportation system to support the expansion. It has retail, hotels, and other forms of entertainment. Projections show that 10,000 machines could generate $1.5 billion of new revenue annually. The solution for our state must be holistic. It must not pit the horseracing/breeding industry against the casino industry because both industries are important to our State providing jobs, tourism and entertainment. Rather, the solution should be to join forces by forging a partnership between the casino industry and the racing industry and recapturing so much of the money being lost to other states.

The new gaming dollars will help the state's budget deficit, recapturing money lost to neighboring states, preserving New Jersey's racing and breeding industries, keeping the economies stable in the communities surrounding the state's racetracks, and providing the New Jersey racing industry the mechanisms its needs to be successful and profitable are all excellent reasons for our elected officials to expand gaming options at The Mea dowlands. It's time to put New Jersey, not Atlantic City first. Put VLT's or slot machines at the Meadowlands!

Sincerely, Supported by New Jersey Thoroughbred Horsemens Association, Inc. (NJTHA) and Standardbred Breeders & Owners Association of New Jersey (SBOA)
Data source: Rutgers Equine Science Center: The New Jersey Equine Industry Report, 2007
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